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Yet another case where the Christian Fundamentalists in Greece can use the law to abuse artists and creators.

  • First there was “Corpus Christi” (you can read about it here, here and here) I think they were acquitted, but I’m not entirely sure; I can’t find any sources to that.
  • Then there was “Elder Pastitsios” (here, here and here) who was eventually convicted in 2014 to 10 months in prison (suspended for 3 years).
  • Then there was Dionysis Kavalieratos (here) who had his art exhibit invaded by more or less the same people who got offended and dragged him to court as well in 2013. Thankfully, he was acquitted.

And now there’s a new case to add to this list. A few days ago an Old Calendarist monk, well-known for his semi-hillarious, semi-worrying antics* led a small group of people in protest against a “blasphemous” theatrical play in Thessaloniki; “The Hour of the Devil” by Portuguese playwright Ferndando Pessoa (written in the early 20th c.; Pessoa died in 1935).

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