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Biblical Apocrypha
and Pseudepigrapha

Welcome to what I hope will shape up to be the first installment of a series on Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (and I say “hope” because it’s really demanding collecting, editing and commenting on the texts). I have already posted an article in Greek on the subject discussed in this post, but it had several serious flaws and my attempt to correct it led to this english article, along with the accompanying material.

We begin with “The life of Adam and Eve”, a series of books written in various languages about the first couple of humans in Christian Mythology. By reading the texts it becomes readily apparent why they were never canonized, as their theology diverges significantly from the mainstream (even that of the first centuries) but there are several details that pop out as being part of Christian Mythology, even though they appear nowhere in the Bible.

These apocryphal books are extremely interesting since they basically enrich the first chapters of Genesis, filling in blanks in the narration of the life of Adam and Eve and offering a more complete view of the jewish myth of the creation of the human race.

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