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Just a couple of minutes after I posted my article condensing the various news reports about yesternight’s incident caused by fundamentalists and nationalists in downtown Athens (“Corpus Christi” – Censorship attempts escalate), my good friend “Aorati Melani” (i.e. Invisible Ink) posted a wonderfully eloquent article in Greek about the things she experienced outside the theatre, when she attempted to see the play and support the actors’ freedom of expression, along with some other friends from the “Atheist Union of Greece”.

If you can read Greek, head on to the greek article; it’s excellent and disturbing at once. If you cannot, Toomanytribbles and I joined forces to quickly translate the article in English for those of you who cannot speak Greek (and let’s face it; Google translate generally sucks). I’ll mirror the text here as well for archivial purposes (as it has been edited by Aorati Melani herself) but I’ll keep the comments closed here so the conversation doesn’t get broken up.

Head over to Aorati Melani’s blog to discuss her harrowing experience.

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