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UPDATE 06.01.2015:

The final version of the diagram has been uploaded here for online viewing or printing.

4 years ago (has it been that long already?) I created a poster with the Family Tree of Christianity. Since then I’ve noticed several errors that demanded the poster be redesigned and I also had some new ideas; so I decided to start over.

I’ve been working on this for several months now, on and off, whenever I can find the time. This a first draft, necessarily broken down in pieces because of the size for public scrutiny. Pick whichever piece you want (click to enlarge) and let me know of errors and suggestions. These files are large enough to be read on screen, but the final product will be a poster about 100 x 150 cm approximately, which I plant to release free of charge for anyone who cares to download and/or print it.

I’ve already gone through a first review phase with the greek atheist community, but the feedback was minimal, so I decided to turn to the greater, world-wide atheist community. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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In case you don’t recognize the name “Elder Pastitsios”, you can refresh your memory here and here.

Philippos Loizos, the person behind the online pastafarian monk and notorious for his epic trolling, was arrested for “malintentional blasphemy” on September 24th, 2012. Today the court ruled “guilty” for the misdemeanor of “habitual revilement of a religion” and sentenced him to a 10-month prison term. Loizos immediately appealed the ruling and thankfully the appeal suspended the sentence, otherwise he would have been sent to jail.

While I hope that at some point in the appeal process the legal system will come to its sense and repel the sentence, I honestly fear that Philippos is in for the long run and might have to seek justice to the European Human Rights Court.

It’s always nice to see that the hellenic justice system is such a stickler for the letter of the law; especially antiquated legislature that goes against any concept of human rights and freedom of speech; things supposedly protected by the Constitution and the Human Rights Charter.


The Martyrdom of Elder Pastitsios
And the elder turned to the heavens and he cried with a great voice:
“Monster, forgive them; they know not what they do”.
by Yannis Antonopoulos

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This season brought us some strange rulings from the Hellenic Supreme Court of Cassation (aka “Areus Pagus”). One I personally find hardly surprising and the other came as quite a shock.

First off, a clarification: Areus Pagus is not like the SCOTUS. It only deals with civil and criminal cases; the constitutionality of legislation is judged by a different court, the Council of State. Second, it has an icon of Jesus hanging over the judges, but that’s a different story entirely. The Italians have been fighting against this for quite some time with hardly any results, so I’m not confident at all about Greece making any sort of progress on this issue.

Generally speaking, Areus Pagus has a good reputation in greek society and is relatively well-respected, but has a history of having Themis (the greek equivalent of Justitia) peek under its blindfold and put a finger on her scales in cases where political issues are being considered.

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Welcome to a fresh installment of “T’is a miracle! Greek-Orthodox style”: Bogus miracles and exposès from our Greek-Orthodox side of the fence. This time we have an interesting debunking of sorts of the orthodox (and catholic) tradition of saintly remains veneration via a personal anecdote told by the Archbishop of Cyrpus, Chrysostom II, of all people!

A shout-out to the friends over at the “Cyprus Atheists” facebook group for alerting me to this interesting anecdote. (Για την ιστορία στα Ελληνικά, διαβάστε το άρθρο της εφημερίδας παρακάτω).

Holy Chicken! or
Why the Archbishop of Cyprus doesn’t believe in relics

The newspaper clipping on the left comes from the greek cypriot newspaper “Politis” and according to my sources it was published some 5 years ago (it was certainly written after Chrysostom ascended to the archbishopric throne of Cyprus in 2006, as is apparent from the text). The author, Gabriel Michael from Nicosia, claims to have been a first-hand witness to the current Archbishop narrating the story. The story goes something like this:

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The article was originally written in Greek and its translation is posted today, on the day the Orthodox Church celebrates the birth of John the Baptist.


  A few months back I saw this YouTube video by John Armstrong (aka Deist Paladin) and author of the book “God vs The Bible”) where he discusses the conflicting reports of the evangelists about the life of Jesus and how they are contradicted by modern historical findings.

As I was watching it, I thought that some points he made seemed a bit off and I decided to do my own research on the subject. This article can, in a sense, be considered an appendix to Adam Lee’s article “Choking of the Camel” and I also recommend that after you’re done reading this piece, head over at Infidels.org and read an article by Richard Carrier (entitled “The Date of the Nativity in Luke”) that counters common apologetic attempts to rescue the historicity of Luke.

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