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Ένα ενδιαφέρον απόσπασμα που εμφανίστηκε αναπάντεχα σήμερα στην ομάδα Ελλήνων Αθέων και Αγνωστικιστών στο Facebook, δια χειρός του αμφιλεγόμενου Δημήτρη Λιαντίνη.

An interesting snippet that popped up unexpectedly today on the Greek Atheists and Agnostics group on Facebook, written by the controversial Dimitris Liantinis.


“Ἑκὰς οἱ βέβηλοι”

Ὁ Nietzsche εἶναι ὅπως τὰ Μυστήρια τῆς ἀρχαίας Ἑλλάδας. Κρατάει σὲ ἀπόσταση τοὺς ἀμύητους. Καὶ μυημένοι εἶναι ὅσοι ἔχουν τὴν αἴσθηση τῆς τραγικότητας τῆς ζωῆς.

“Uninitiated, keep away”

Nietzsche is like the Mystery Cults of Ancient Greece. He keeps the uninitiated at bay. And the initiated are those who are aware of the tragicness of life.

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Before I admitted even to myself that I was an atheist, while I was still struggling with my faith, I was always troubled by the very first chapter of the Bible; God creating the World. Does this even make sense? Why would a God want to create a material World? The more I delved in theology, the more this bothered me. I won’t even touch the rest of the story here, the original sin, the problem of evil, or the grand philosophical problems of heavenly clouds, pits of hell, demons, imps and angels. I’ll stop here, on the first page. After all, if a worldview has a problem right from the start, there’s little point in dealing with details.

There are two alternatives for the Universe having a divine creator. He either created it on purpose (voluntarily) or by accident (involuntarily). Let’s start with the second case, being the most implausible one.

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