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Hello guys and gals. Those of you well-versed in the intricacies of christian sects may be aware that the Catholic and Orthodox Easter do not always coincide and yesterday it was Easter here in Greece. In honour of that, I present for your viewing pleasure two comic strips I personally find hillarious.

I’ll be honest: I find most atheist/religious attempts at humour generally pathetic and for in-group consumption only. I don’t know if the artist that produced the following samples is an atheist or not; and frankly nor do I care. I just love the strips and he was kind enough to allow me to translate them in English for those of you not proficient in Greek (which should be most of the planet).

His name is Antonis Vavayannis and he runs a web comic called Κολυμπηθρόξυλα (pronounced /coh-lee-bee-THROH-ksee-lah/). This translates as “floatsam”, but trust me when I say that the word sounds really funny and chaotic in Greek (come to think of it, so does in English).

The first strip is pretty straight-forward religious humour. The second parodies greek easter customs; namely a game of banging dyed boiled eggs together (to see who is the last one standing), lighting firecrackers right after midnight during the easter service, and the unfortunate thing TV programmers have for old epic movie reruns during the easter holidays.

That said, enjoy! Click on the images to enlarge them.

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Arkas is one of the most famous comic strip artists in Greece and has been running for several years now strips of religious humour called collectively “Life Hereafter”, usually featuring a deceased man, an angel and a demon; hilarity ensues.

While I could have directly translated the strips I’ll be presenting, this is the closest I can come to offering glimpses of his humour in English without actually violating the artist’s right, since some of his work is already available in English for purchase. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge (text in Greek)

– I’m trying to grasp what exactly the Trinity is. Is it one god in three, or three gods in one?
– Don’t strain yourself. The Trinity is incomprehensible to the human mind.
– It’s incomprehensible, because it’s ambiguous on purpose, as is most religious doctrine.
– That’s true. Religion loves ambiguity because it makes its job easier. A bit further down is a monument in honour of ambiguity.
   There it is.

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