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Yet another case where the Christian Fundamentalists in Greece can use the law to abuse artists and creators.

  • First there was “Corpus Christi” (you can read about it here, here and here) I think they were acquitted, but I’m not entirely sure; I can’t find any sources to that.
  • Then there was “Elder Pastitsios” (here, here and here) who was eventually convicted in 2014 to 10 months in prison (suspended for 3 years).
  • Then there was Dionysis Kavalieratos (here) who had his art exhibit invaded by more or less the same people who got offended and dragged him to court as well in 2013. Thankfully, he was acquitted.

And now there’s a new case to add to this list. A few days ago an Old Calendarist monk, well-known for his semi-hillarious, semi-worrying antics* led a small group of people in protest against a “blasphemous” theatrical play in Thessaloniki; “The Hour of the Devil” by Portuguese playwright Ferndando Pessoa (written in the early 20th c.; Pessoa died in 1935).

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A friend of mine and organizer of the 1st Greek Mythicist Conference asked me today to translate the following article from their blog concerning a censorship attempt by the greek far right Golden Dawn party. The attempt was of course doomed to fail, as the Greek Constitution does not permit such interventions in private events, and it is more likely that the attempt was made at all just to placate the fundamentalist Orthodox base of the party, but it is still an unpalatable and troublesome development. Keep reading for the Greek Mythicists announcement.

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In case you don’t recognize the name “Elder Pastitsios”, you can refresh your memory here and here.

Philippos Loizos, the person behind the online pastafarian monk and notorious for his epic trolling, was arrested for “malintentional blasphemy” on September 24th, 2012. Today the court ruled “guilty” for the misdemeanor of “habitual revilement of a religion” and sentenced him to a 10-month prison term. Loizos immediately appealed the ruling and thankfully the appeal suspended the sentence, otherwise he would have been sent to jail.

While I hope that at some point in the appeal process the legal system will come to its sense and repel the sentence, I honestly fear that Philippos is in for the long run and might have to seek justice to the European Human Rights Court.

It’s always nice to see that the hellenic justice system is such a stickler for the letter of the law; especially antiquated legislature that goes against any concept of human rights and freedom of speech; things supposedly protected by the Constitution and the Human Rights Charter.


The Martyrdom of Elder Pastitsios
And the elder turned to the heavens and he cried with a great voice:
“Monster, forgive them; they know not what they do”.
by Yannis Antonopoulos

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On March 14th, 2013, Greek artist Dionysis Kavalieratos was tried in court on blasphemy charges brought on him by members of the ultra-conservative “Genuine Orthodox Christians” Church (the Greek Old Calendarists, that also starred in the “Corpus Christi” charade). The charges were due to the following three sketches exhibited by the artist in a private art gallery (the owner of the venue was a co-defendant).

(Click to enlarge)

Happy Easter
Starring: Jesus as the lamb of god, Virgin Mary as Medea, God as the Devil, Devil as God, Sir Winston Churchill as himself.
Seven Dicks Jesus
offering a multi blowjob to the Lernea Hydra,the nine headed monster. The two remaining heads eat manna bread falling from the sky.

Hidden in Napoleon’s Boudoir
are the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and Satan;
they’re being flashed by Napoleon.

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Just a couple of minutes after I posted my article condensing the various news reports about yesternight’s incident caused by fundamentalists and nationalists in downtown Athens (“Corpus Christi” – Censorship attempts escalate), my good friend “Aorati Melani” (i.e. Invisible Ink) posted a wonderfully eloquent article in Greek about the things she experienced outside the theatre, when she attempted to see the play and support the actors’ freedom of expression, along with some other friends from the “Atheist Union of Greece”.

If you can read Greek, head on to the greek article; it’s excellent and disturbing at once. If you cannot, Toomanytribbles and I joined forces to quickly translate the article in English for those of you who cannot speak Greek (and let’s face it; Google translate generally sucks). I’ll mirror the text here as well for archivial purposes (as it has been edited by Aorati Melani herself) but I’ll keep the comments closed here so the conversation doesn’t get broken up.

Head over to Aorati Melani’s blog to discuss her harrowing experience.

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